The story so far

Almost two years have passed since I first set foot in Kensaltown Studios.

It feels like only yesterday in some ways, but when I put it all into perspective (which I am prone to do) I realize that all the incredible experiences over these two years have produced a new, updated version of Tini. The dream has become my life.

I have been served beautiful melodies and engaging lyrics on a silver platter by some very competent songwriters, and I have worked with a host of talented musicians.
They have all believed in my ability to bring something to their craft, which is the greatest vote of confidence I could be given.
In turn, this has given me inspiration and confidence to write my own material – to put my own reflections, experiences and emotions into words and music.

I am inspired by contrasts.
Dream vs reality.
Life’s many contrasts create a meaningful and rich tapestry, which I will try to channel through music without reservation.

My London-life is one of such contrasts. Long days in the studio filled with expectation, ambition, good ideas and bad, interaction and shared moments, hard work through labor-intensive days and nights, laughter and joy, frustration and patience – many magic moments with new discoveries, and hours in the company of testosterone-driven, sweaty musicians. A whole feast of feelings in a wide spectrum of situations.

A few snapshots cannot properly depict all that have gone into the making of my first album, but I hope it will give you some small glimpse into my world.

Next comes mixing and mastering (yet another new experience!) and the many plans leading up to the release of my first musical baby in the autumn of 2014.

My wish is that this album conveys what I have experienced, and that it might carry some meaning in your life – that my music transports you somewhere else, and maybe reminds you of a special memory – or to sum it up; that it blurs the lines between dream and reality… and provides you with some of the magic I have felt!